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Essential reading for those that care about parrots

Our review» of The Tacoma News Tribune's November 9, 2008 article on Mira Tweti, bringing us back to the situation in Pierce County, WA.

Alex is the proof: Parrots deserve protection

with Tacoma News Tribune reader's comments. Our followup and commentary» to the August 21, 2007 Pierce County Council meeting in the light of the lessons we should all learn from Alex's life and untimely passing.

Historical parrot engraving

FEAR AND LOATHING IN PIERCE COUNTY—A Savage Journey to the Heart of a Dream of Compassion

Sides are drawn in Pierce County, and not to the benefit of the parrots».

Hopes…and Lives, Lost

A new witness account» of conditions observed at the Scudders' breeding facility.

Parrots married 50 years
Historical parrot engraving
Historical parrot engraving
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Look for comments in blue and highlighted areas of interest. Arranged chronologically with the most recent document appearing first.

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  • Birds—Measures to prevent psittacosis (WAC 246-100-201), Washington State law; these measures would apply in general to controling any communicable psittacine disease; additional commentary provided
  • Model Aviculture Program (MAP), overview from the www.modelaviculture.org site and comments—the program of responsible avian farm management which prominent aviculturists promulgate as the way to treat breeder birds—and then ignore when hired as an “expert witness” for Martha Scudder

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